Dr. Ricki walks on water in my mind. I have been a patient of hers for over (15?? Fill in the blank) years and she has seen me through fertility issues, peri-menopause, full-on-early-and-intense menopause and post-menopause. She has also seen me through a myriad of step-family and parenting issues, and has taken both my stepdaughters through very difficult adolescences. She was the person I most wanted to call when my mom died this past year because I knew she would have all the right things to say, as well as all the ones not to say and that mostly she would envelop me in her warm embrace of comfort, strength and wisdom. Which is exactly what she did.

Dr. Ricki is an incredible listener. She spends oodles of time with me in each appointment sifting through the whatever physical ailment I have and blending that with all that is going on in my life emotionally before she even begins to propose a solution. Her approach is completely holistic. She considers every part of my health—physical, genetic, psychological, and emotional. She understands fully the relationship between health and stress and well-being. In every instance she has found an integrated and healthy solution whether it be for PMS, fatigue, fertility options, hormone imbalances after menopause, or grief. Her approach is clear, open, and often incorporates alternative and complementary therapies.

On a very personal note, Dr. Ricki practically became a co-parent with me during a particularly grueling and dangerous time in my 15 year-old’s daughters life. I was at an impasse, not knowing how to handle my beautiful but at-risk daughter. She took my daughter under her wing and suddenly this non-trusting, rebellious teenager suddenly found the confidante she needed during he high school years. My daughter, to this day, says she doesn’t know what she would have done without Dr. Ricki as her guide and support. I credit my daughter’s survival and new found strength and confidence to Dr. Ricki and her entire staff.

She is truly a women’s health expert and lectures all over the country on issues that are pertinent to aging women such as menopause. As a patient I reap the benefits of her broad knowledge and her experience out in the world. She is always learning even when she is teaching. – LB


I never fully understood or experienced comprehensive responsive medical care until becoming a patient of Dr Ricki Pollycove. While in the past I had received excellent care from a wide variety of specialists for many quite serious medical issues, I always had to cobble together the resources to build a “team”, with no one in charge but me.  No more having to muddle through the medical maze. With Dr Ricki as my gynecologist and primary care physician (a vital combination for women) she provides incredibly thoughtful, well-researched, reassuring and psychologically-minded holistic care both directly and through leveraged referrals. I can’t say enough about the difference this can make in your life. – SK


Relax and enjoy life in the knowledge that Team Pollycove is focused on your total mental and physical well being. Be assured of comprehensive examination, ease of confidentially, and, all inclusive evaluation, treatment and care.  This is a total validation from a long time patient and big time fan! – PS


Ricki Pollycove is a gem…..she may be one of the most engaged, informed and curious physicians you could ever meet! Her warmth and intelligence are always evident as she is both validating and encouraging, directive and interactive, and her memory for detail is like a lock box! I have been with Ricki for over 20 years, and I never fail to learn something new during our visits. She is a major contributor to my personal overall wellness, and recognized as an outstanding thought leader in the medical community! – MM


Dr. Ricki Pollycove is the Best when it comes to being a Woman’s Care Provider.  Not only is she an expert Ob-Gyn but also a superb professional when it comes to providing advice regarding a woman’s physical as well as emotional health and well-being. I have known Dr. Pollycove for over 30 years.  She has an incredible scope of knowledge, is very intuitive, and has a great personality, too!  Dr. Pollycove just has really great taste! She is an excellent resource for recommending Doctors outside of her feel of expertise. I feel very lucky to have the care of such a fine doctor as Dr. Ricki Pollycove. – MA


I began seeing Dr. Pollycove for annual gynecological exams after my daughter suggested her several years ago. Ricki was understanding, sympathetic, and much more knowledgeable about menopausal issues than my previous gynecologists. She has a warm smile, calming nature, is open to questions, and offers invaluable opinions, resources and a pocketful of referrals. Her treatment plans are individualized and changed with changes in my body. It’s wonderful to have a gynecologist who understands female perspectives and whose passion is treating the whole person. I look forward to every appointment with her. A few years ago, during a regular exam Ricki felt a small anomaly in my left breast that was not detected by a mammogram a few months earlier. During the storm that developed in the following months, Ricki was ROCK SOLID!! She referred me to a wonderful surgeon and oncologist, and was my advocate throughout the following treatment. Three cheers for Ricki! I will be grateful to her for the rest of my life. – CB


Ricki provides me with everything in a medical expert I seek:  intelligence, long-term expertise, deep knowledge of my medical history, caring and most importantly, a thoughtful approach to handling every medical situation.  You know you are in the best hands with Ricki as your partner in your medical care and well-being. – DJ


“Who looks forward to going to the doctor? I certainly never did! But then, having just moved to the city in 2007, I was lucky enough to overhear two strangers singing the praises of a particular gynecologist and so, I butted in to ask for this magical doctor’s name. It has been eleven years now and I remain an “I bow down!” patient of Dr. Ricki Pollycove’s. Dr. Pollycove is not only a flat-out incredible physician, but she maintains a practice which is grounded in a sincere interest in and compassion for the the clientele she serves. She keeps abreast of the latest studies and advances in her own field, but over the years, I’ve noted that she also has an insatiable desire to stay on top of new advances in adjacent fields that may also inform women’s lives. Finally, the thing that sent me over the top and into total glee that I had found Dr. Pollycove, was what I’ve found to be her amazingly well put together support staff. The chemistry of these women is a perfect blend of whip-smart efficiency and sneaky loving humor. Team Pollycove makes it a joy to go to the doctor’s office. How weird is that?!?!” – AS


For nearly two decades I have had the good fortune of being under the wonderful care of Dr. Ricki Pollycove. From Day 1, I knew I found the perfect doctor for me. Brilliant, curious and ahead of her time. While most physicians are primarily focused on a specialty, Dr. Pollycove’s keen and instinctive observation skills look at the whole person—and she does not miss a thing. When paired with her otherworldly wisdom [truly!] and nurturing way of communicating, it’s blindingly apparent she’s in a class by herself. I write these words with an overflowing heart because I honestly can’t imagine navigating the years without her care and guidance. What a treasure she has been in my life! – NF

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Dr. Pollycove is warm, friendly and knowledgable. She welcomed me into her office and showed interest and care not only about my health, but also my personal wellbeing and happiness. When I visited her office she was extremely welcoming and kind. Unlike other, more brusque doctors, she took time to explain what the medication she was prescribing did, any potential side effects and what results I should be noticing. She did all of the above in language I could understand, clear but not condescending. I would recommend Dr. Pollycove wholeheartedly, she is an amazing doctor and person. – GR