“Who looks forward to going to the doctor? I certainly never did! But then, having just moved to the city in 2007, I was lucky enough to overhear two strangers singing the praises of a particular gynecologist and so, I butted in to ask for this magical doctor’s name. It has been eleven years now and I remain an “I bow down!” patient of Dr. Ricki Pollycove’s. Dr. Pollycove is not only a flat-out incredible physician, but she maintains a practice which is grounded in a sincere interest in and compassion for the the clientele she serves. She keeps abreast of the latest studies and advances in her own field, but over the years, I’ve noted that she also has an insatiable desire to stay on top of new advances in adjacent fields that may also inform women’s lives. Finally, the thing that sent me over the top and into total glee that I had found Dr. Pollycove, was what I’ve found to be her amazingly well put together support staff. The chemistry of these women is a perfect blend of whip-smart efficiency and sneaky loving humor. Team Pollycove makes it a joy to go to the doctor’s office. How weird is that?!?!” – AS