San Francisco Integrative Gynecology

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The best interests of the patient come first in a kind, beautiful and relaxing environment.

Our goal is to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive healthcare, for women of all ages, in a compassionate, capable and highly professional setting. We strive to set the benchmark for new treatments and technology, specializing in bio-identical hormone treatment that’s personalized for each patient.

Why San Francisco Integrative Gynecology?

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Meet Our Physician

Our physician, Dr. Pollycove, is passionate about providing her patients with highly individualized care in an integrated and comprehensive manner. Just as one size clothing does not fit all, what is optimal for each woman depends upon many personal factors. While Dr. Pollycove places great importance on technical excellence, she also combines compassionate listening with discussing cutting edge medical or surgical options with patients. Her wealth of experience in medicine and surgery allow her to integrate the complex, evolving medical literature in every woman’s unique best interests and care. Her broad and deep background in both the science and art of health care reflects these values.

Dr. Ricki Pollycove

Dr. Ricki Pollycove

Doctor Ricki Pollycove has a national reputation for offering highly individualized and sensitive health care to women for over 35 years. From treating PMS to menopause and optimal hormone balance at every age, including contraception, pregnancy and preconception counseling, Dr. Pollycove is respected as a strong patient advocate and superb referral physician.  She is a leader in the promotion of women’s wellness through integrative health care, consumer and clinician education, advocating disease prevention, understanding available treatment options and patient empowerment. She is a certified expert in menopausal medicine as well as specialist in breast cancer and treatment options. Dr. Pollycove has lectured widely to women in many settings and is a featured speaker at continuing education courses for doctors. She offers comprehensive individual counseling, consultation and complete physical exams, gynecologic services and referrals when needed.

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“The core purpose of my work is to maximize health and joy in each woman’s life. Identifying the many factors that contribute to well-being or risk for disease, sharing medical scientific information that enhances your understanding and promotes sustained optimal self-care at every stage of your life are my goals: integrative, personalized and mutually trustful care for body, mind and spirit.

– Dr. Ricki

Dr. Ricki Pollycove

The San Francisco Integrative Gynecology Difference

For wellness options beyond prescriptions and surgery, San Francisco Integrative Gynecology combines the best in conventional and complementary medicine, with personalized care to maintain or restore optimal health. A world-class expert in bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr. Pollycove helps patients with complex hormonal imbalances at every stage of life that can cause metabolic and weight issues, including estrogen, testosterone, thyroid dysfunction, hair loss and fatigue disorders. Over time women save time, money and regret by receiving comprehensive care that efficiently coordinates diagnostic tests, procedures and follow up care. Patient education that deepens your understanding of health issues, guides therapeutic choices  and inspires optimal self care lies at the heart of what Dr. Pollycove strives for.

Our Partners in Care

Dr. Pollycove has developed a highly expert network with virtually every speciality in medicine, surgery, nutrition, weight loss, oncology, radiation therapy, physical therapy, energy medicine, psychological counseling and behavioral medicine (Sleep, drug and alcohol use, etc.). Depending upon your needs, geographic preference and insurance coverage, she and her staff take care in making optimal referrals appropriate to address individual issues and streamline complexity of care. When letters of referral are necessary, Dr. Pollycove herself writes these provider-to-provider referrals.