Women’s Health

Our Approach to Women’s Health

Meeting your individual needs, with careful and conscientious supervision of your health and well being, are our goals.


The best in gynecological care is a partnership between you and your doctor. In her office, Dr. Pollycove provides complete gynecological care, including routine health screens, pelvic exams, pap smears, breast exams and diagnostic evaluations. Comprehensive gynecological services with the latest and most advanced diagnostic ultrasound, complete hormone evaluation, colposcopy, and abnormal pap smear evaluation and treatment are provided in the privacy and comfort of our office. Dr. Pollycove’s expertise includes contraception, menopause counseling and management, pelvic pain, breast care and management, menstrual irregularities, gynecological infections, HPV, management of pelvic masses (fibroids, cyst, polyps), infertility, and cancer prevention. Termination of pregnancy is also available, with sensitivity to the highly personal nature of such a procedure.


During the transition from the reproductive years through menopause and beyond, a woman experiences many physical changes. Every woman journeys through menopause in her own, unique way. Dr. Pollycove treats each patient as an individual, identifying strategies for optimal wellness and benefits throughout the life span. With many years of clinical research and her office practice, Dr. Pollycove offers women the best individualized pre-menopausal, peri-menopausal, and post-menopausal customized treatments, including Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Dr. Pollycove strives to work in collaboration with each patient to find a balance between personal lifestyle modifications to prevent disease and the full spectrum of integrated medical and non-Western therapeutics. Physical therapy/exercise, nutrition, emotional well-being, personal mindfulness practice and relevant elements that help each of us enjoy optimal health are typically addressed in our office. Sometimes menopause can unravel a woman’s identity. So the task becomes figuring out how to put yourself back together in fine form. Your symptoms are important clues in solving the problems that have developed in menopause. Think of yourself as a private investigator. Working closely with Dr. Pollycove should help you begin to resolve these issues. The broader goal is to support your ability to function well and enable you to live life to the fullest.


Comprehensive and personalized preparation for pregnancy, including counseling for her patient and partner, are the focus of Dr. Pollycove’s pre-conceptual care. Initial pregnancy consultation and care are offered to establish a healthy start to pregnancy, enhance family communication and optimize the transition to parenthood. After the pregnancy is established, Dr. Pollycove will assist you with referrals for complete obstetrical care to superb OBs that seem to fit your individual needs.


After twenty years of practicing her love and passion of performing full range gynecological surgery, Dr. Pollycove now refers her patients needing surgery to the most expert surgeons to meet each patient’s particular needs. She provides thorough counseling regarding options, indications, explanation of the surgical procedure, as well as optimal healing and complete recovery. Dr. Pollycove addresses preparation on personal, mental and spiritual levels, and she and her staff make every effort to optimize patients’ experiences, long term wellness and confidence and bodies.

Clinical Breast Exam

Optimal standard of care in menopausal women include a twice annual clinical breast exam. We recommend that you have two visits each year, even if pap smear frequency is not necessary on an annual basis. Research shows the best and most preventive way to catch abnormal changes is to have your physician do thorough breast exams twice a year,along with yearly mammography screening at a highly recommended radiology facility.

Meeting Your Needs & Follow Up

Your response to any treatments, adjustments of therapy and reviewing overall progress are the essence of close follow up. At these office visits you will review any symptoms, additional lab tests, and physical findings that needed further examination (ultrasound, mammogram, MRI, bone mineral density (BMD) scan) or biopsy/tissue sampling, to assure maximum personal health safety and positive progress. Adjustments of therapies, modification of life style factors, assessment of any obstacles to achieving goals, and well being are monitored during the follow up visit. Review of therapeutic interventions and their outcomes, making any necessary revisions to hormone treatments over the next few months, arranging any desired future lab tests, obtaining past medical records, as indicated, are also part of this visit. Meeting your individual needs, with careful and conscientious supervision of your health and well being, are our goals.