Sometimes surgery is the best next step, with minor surgery through hysteroscopy, D and C and sometimes polyp removal if that is the cause.  Occasionally a small fibroid lies close to or projects inside the uterine cavity and can be removed during hysteroscopy if it is safely accessible through the cervical canal-endometrial cavity approach. Laparoscopy or major surgery defined as “open laparotomy” are frequent choices for optimal resolution of bleeding problems due to fibroids. Controversy over use of a “laparoscopic morcellator” has resulted in more open laparotomies and greater complications world-wide. These important aspects of therapeutic plans and choice of management options are common discussions with Dr. Pollycove.

Optimal pre-operative self-care and preparation for surgery are essential to getting the best results.  Sometimes it is best to delay surgery until after a severe anemia or vitamin deficiency is corrected. Emotional readiness also enhances post-operative results and healing. As much as is possible, overcoming fear with optimal understanding as to why surgery is the best option, why a particular approach chosen, choosing the timing that is best for your needs contribute to very positive experiences with surgery. Such events can improve confidence in our bodies and enhance our acceptance of what things we can control and those that are beyond “mind-body” influence. Why did I get this lump?  This tumor? Discussing and resolving many of these personal questions helps re-establish confidence. Dr. Pollycove dedicates ample time to such concerns to help you receive the maximum benefit from whichever approach to surgery you choose.

After twenty years of practicing her love and passion of performing full range gynecological surgery, Dr. Pollycove now refers her patients needing surgery to the most expert surgeons to meet each patient’s particular needs. She provides thorough counseling regarding options, indications, explanation of the surgical procedure, as well as optimal healing and complete recovery. Dr. Pollycove addresses preparation on personal, mental and spiritual levels, and she and her staff make every effort to optimize patients’ experiences, long term wellness and confidence in our bodies.