San Francisco Integrative Gynecology

What’s Different about Dr. Pollycove’s ObGyn Care approach?

Healthcare for women was traditionally “seeing the gynecologist once a year.” Once contraception, childbearing or postpartum care were no longer needed, or if a woman never desired those services, self care becomes erratic, with many women not receiving even basic health screening. Changing this inadequate care pattern has been a steady goal of Dr. Pollycove’s practice. What women want is one stop shopping! Efficient, thorough and careful health care that is comprehensive, specific and appropriate to every age. Here clinical care covers all comprehensive Gynecology issues as well as basic internal medicine/family practice health screening and referrals to specialists, allied health practitioners*, energy medicine practitioners as needed. As women progress through life paying more attention to disease prevention, lowering risks where we can, becomes the focus. In fact you are never too young to become educated about risk reduction strategies!
Sharing your own lifestyle habits and practices with your doctor allows her to share current information that relates to your particular family health issues and personal concerns. You will have ample time to talk with Dr. Pollycove during office visits as well as follow up conversations to review lab tests and your personal experiences with wellness prescriptions: diagnostic, medical, surgical and behavioral.

Unique in our office

The larger world of my ObGyn care for thousands of women over 35 years includes sharing the miracles of obstetrics, more diverse considerations involved in gynecologic surgery and recovery to full “selfhood” after these life-changing events. Many biological, emotional and social aspects of cancer survivor care, “integral*” issues of being a woman in our society, are among my diverse therapeutic interests. Providing a place where women can comfortably share their whole self, imperfections and all, opens new avenues to better health as we typically measure it by Western medical tests, in addition to healing past wounds and personal growth. There is a steady stream of data that emphasize the profound contributions of our mind/emotions to the health of the body. This is the “Mind-Body” medicine literature that encourages women to pay attention to their feelings in the context of living and working every day. Emphasizing healthy lifestyles for long term disease risk reduction, seeking life/work balance over time are the themes that compose my professional life.