Comprehensive and personalized preparation for pregnancy, including counseling for patient and partner, are the focus of Dr. Pollycoves’ pre-conception care. Healthy pregnancies begin with immunity to certain viral infections, optimal levels of certain vitamins and minerals, all of which can be assessed on blood tests prior to getting pregnant. Prescriptions to correct any deficiencies are part of pre-conception care.  Emotional preparation for parenthood is often neglected in routine gyn care. Staying together as a family through the diverse demands of parenthood requires a healthy, resilient fabric of the family. Attention to all of these elements, the physical factors as well as psychological aspects that underlie our pregnancy and birth, comprises the integrative approach to pregnancy, parenting and life. She co-authored the book, “Mother Nurture,” with Drs. Rick and Jan Hanson, to help encourage women to take excellent care of themselves, (body mind and spirit) during the many years of motherhood.  It is available as an E-book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble/Kindle.

Fertility assessment and enhancement, assistance with overcoming infertility, are areas of our gynecology practice and concern. Initial pregnancy consultation and care are offered to establish a healthy start to pregnancy, enhance family communication and optimize the transition to parenthood.

Should higher level fertility care be required to conceive, referrals are made to excellent specialists in Reproductive Technology (Reproductive Endocrinology sub-specialty doctors, ART=Assisted Reproductive Technology) appropriate to where you live. After the pregnancy is established, Dr. Pollycove will assist you with referrals for complete obstetrical care to superb OBs that are most likely to fit your individual needs.

Pregnancy is a world of care unto itself.  Being in good overall health prior to getting pregnant enhances the likelihood of a healthy gestation and the best outcome of pregnancy—a healthy baby. Normal healthy blood pressure and average blood sugar in the optimal range contribute significantly to lowering risk of problems during and after pregnancy for both mother and baby. Avoiding toxins, such as alcohol and cigarettes, are also important in pregnancy.  So if habits include frequent wine/alcoholic beverage consumption, smoking cigarettes or cannabis use in any of its forms, it is important to address these life style patterns and institute cessation practices prior to conception. Simple advice is sometimes not enough to help us quit a bad habit. Dr. Pollycove networks with excellent life style enhancement programs for her patients who require this assistance.