Dr. Ricki walks on water in my mind. I have been a patient of hers for over (15?? Fill in the blank) years and she has seen me through fertility issues, peri-menopause, full-on-early-and-intense menopause and post-menopause. She has also seen me through a myriad of step-family and parenting issues, and has taken both my stepdaughters through very difficult adolescences. She was the person I most wanted to call when my mom died this past year because I knew she would have all the right things to say, as well as all the ones not to say and that mostly she would envelop me in her warm embrace of comfort, strength and wisdom. Which is exactly what she did.

Dr. Ricki is an incredible listener. She spends oodles of time with me in each appointment sifting through the whatever physical ailment I have and blending that with all that is going on in my life emotionally before she even begins to propose a solution. Her approach is completely holistic. She considers every part of my health—physical, genetic, psychological, and emotional. She understands fully the relationship between health and stress and well-being. In every instance she has found an integrated and healthy solution whether it be for PMS, fatigue, fertility options, hormone imbalances after menopause, or grief. Her approach is clear, open, and often incorporates alternative and complementary therapies.

On a very personal note, Dr. Ricki practically became a co-parent with me during a particularly grueling and dangerous time in my 15 year-old’s daughters life. I was at an impasse, not knowing how to handle my beautiful but at-risk daughter. She took my daughter under her wing and suddenly this non-trusting, rebellious teenager suddenly found the confidante she needed during he high school years. My daughter, to this day, says she doesn’t know what she would have done without Dr. Ricki as her guide and support. I credit my daughter’s survival and new found strength and confidence to Dr. Ricki and her entire staff.

She is truly a women’s health expert and lectures all over the country on issues that are pertinent to aging women such as menopause. As a patient I reap the benefits of her broad knowledge and her experience out in the world. She is always learning even when she is teaching. – LB