Selected as Huffington Post Watch Dog for Women’s Health

Dr. Pollycove has never been content to let her patients drown in the overwhelming and often contradictory health advice that they encounter everyday. That’s why she has been selected as a regular contributor by the Huffington Post to help women decipher the conflicting medical advice and reporting they hear from the media – to help women see through the scare stories and hype to come up with the facts about their health care options.

The guiding light of her career of 30 years since completing her MD and residency at the UC San Francisco school of medicine has been her singular mission to tell women how to best look after their health – even when that means giving controversial advice that defies popular opinion. It’s her dedication to educating women that their health care needs are individual and special and that their best health starts with their own best understanding of their unique biology and treatment options. 
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