The Pocket Guide to BioIdentical Hormones

Bioidentical Hormones

Since 2002 women have been reluctant to take hormones for many reasons.

But now science and common sense have finally come together to reassure us of the fundamental need for a healthy minimum balance of female hormones in order to enjoy optimal health long term. This new book, The Pocket Guide to BioIdentical Hormones, is likely to change your mind if you’ve been afraid to try estrogen for symptom relief during the menopausal transition or full menopause itself.
Learn about your basic biology, proven by millions of years of evolution, road-tested by Mother Nature, and how best to stay healthy, strong and vital. After menopause women need to make an active choice and this seminar will help you understand what the best choices are and how best to sustain them.
Women have essential differences in long term vigor and vitality as compared to men due to the cessation of hormone production by our ovaries after menopause. The acceleration of bone loss, heart disease and cognitive loss is directly related to the sharp decreases in estrogen levels after we stop menstruating. The reasons for this are many, probably deriving evolutionarily from the hormone milieu that allows mammals to nurse their babies. (Nursing, or lactation, is the only natural low estrogen state that results from the process of natural selection.) But as public health measures now allow women to live well into their 80’s and 90’s despite low estrogen levels, we face new challenges: heart disease, frailty and dementia.
Dr. Ricki Pollycove has practiced gynecology, focusing on breast disease, women’s wellness, fertility, disease prevention early detection of cancer and survivor care and advocacy since 1981. She has lectured widely to both consumers as well as medical professionals, with frequent appearances on local and national television as a women’s health expert. Her first book, Mother Nurture, Penguin 2002, focused on integrative self care during motherhood. The Pocket Guide to BioIdentical Hormones is certain to help women reassess their approach to the second half of life.
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