Mother Nurture

A Mother’s Guide to Health in Body, Mind and Intimate Relationships

Mother Nurture Mothers today juggle more tasks, work longer hours, and sleep less than their own mothers did. Yet the self-healing revolution has overlooked the most significant issue in the lives of some twenty million women: how to cope with the relentless, sometimes overwhelming, stresses of raising young children in the twenty-first century. Psychologist Rick Hanson, acupuncturist and nutritionist Jan Hanson, and obsetrician/gynecologist Ricki Pollycove offer hundreds of practical ways a mother can lift her mood, stay energetic and healthy, build teamwork and intimacy with her partner, and be at her best for her family during the stressful and crucial first six years of her child’s life. They also explain how the strains of motherhood can literally deplete a woman’s body, draining it of important nutrients such as minerals and amino acids–sometimes so severely that she experiences Depleted Mother Syndrome (DMS). Covering everything from stress relief in the middle of a crazy day to gettting more sleep, eating better, balancing home and work, sharing the load fairly, and keeping a strong love alive with her partner, Mother Nurture is the first book to present a comprehensive program that helps a mom take care of herself while she takes care of her family.


Mother Nurture is a treasure trove of information… Everyone who is a mother or loves a mother should read this book. — Christiane Northup, M.D., author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom
Mother Nuture is brimming with practical, life-saving information. A must-have for every mom. — Rachel Remen, M.D., bestselling author of Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather’s Blessings
This book helps readers recognize the potentially significant problems of motherhood, and it provides a roadmap for improvement. — Robert Truog, M.D., Professor of Anaesthesia and Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School; Director, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Children’s Hospital, Boston
Through examples and research, the authors reassure mothers that their problems are shared by others and solvable. — Shoshanna Bennett, Ph.D., President of Postpartum Assistance for Mothers
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